Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bubble in My Book is Over

Recently my book The Missing Risk Premium was pulled from production while some simple typos were corrected. Alas, this took weeks. In the meantime, my book's secondary price went to levels of insanity, $527 new, $326 used:

Well, we finally hammered out the problems and so my book is available for sale again, creating a crash that is most surely complicating the Cyprus bailout.

 I fixed typos and simple mistakes (eg, Against the Odds, vs. Against the Gods), about a dozen or so of them; I'm sure a couple remain. The Kindle version is now in process of incorporating these changes, but the old version will still be available while it's being fixed.  There won't be any marks that show it is the 'typo corrected' edition.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean your book isn't an asset with low volatility?
Should I still invest in it?

Tel said...

It's a low Volume asset.

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, liquidity is to blame

Tel said...

The book is Volume I right?

No one can doubt that is a low volume.