Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Econ Data Sites

I don't know why, but in the past week two new websites were introduced to me that consolidate economic data: Junar and Zanran. Junar is more into charts and exportable data, while Zanran has more pdfs with academic papers on the relevant topics.

So, for example, I pulled up this on Argentina, which is an interesting case study in Keynesian policies. From 1890 to 1939, the country's per capita income was similar to that of France, Germany and Canada, but then President Juan Perón took over and instituted a suite of progressive reforms: increased unionization, nationalization of major industries, more generous social welfare, increased public works investments, high tariffs and import restrictions. The big idea then was called developmentism, which is a national-socialist-fascist model that attempts to ameliorate the deficiencies of 'the market'. The result you can see below, as their income relative to other countries steadily declined from about 1946 onward (the center of the graph is 1946ish).


J said...

Developmentism appeared in the sixties and not under Peron. Its main ideologue was Raul Prebisch, head of CEPAL. I would rather attribute Argentine's secular decay to the political instability (and repression) that followed Peron's fall.

Mad Numismatist said...

Per wikipedia link in the article:
Requiem or New Agenda for Third World Studies? about how developmentalism gained its footing in international affairs in the years immediately following World War II,

Unknown said...

We see Zanran more as a search engine than a data repository - so we cover a much wider area.

Jon Goldhill, Zanran

Anonymous said...

Yes, this makes sense because at no time after 1939 did Germany, France, and Canada implement policies favoring widespread unionization and generous social welfare benefits...

Eric Falkenstein said...

anon: everything's relative!

Andre said...

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Taariq Lewis said...

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