Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Speaking Tuesday in Boston

I'm speaking Tuesday the 17th at 6 pm at the Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education, and Wisdom (aka QWAFAFEW, really). It's at the Tennis & Racquet Club, 939 Boylston Street. Walk-ins are accepted, space permitting, but see here for info to see if that's feasible. I have a new book coming out soon, The Missing Risk Premium: Why Low Volatility Investing Works, which I estimate will be available in a month, and will have an inexpensive paperback and an e-book version.


  1. How will this book differ from Finding Alpha?

  2. You are industrious. Congratulations.

  3. Mercury12:30 PM


    I thought you were on vacation.
    I used to be a member there and everything...

  4. AH:it's mainly a restatement of my main argument, but it will be much cheaper, and shorter (154 pages + footnotes), focused on the risk premium argument. I have some new data and arguments, but basically the same basic idea.