Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loved the book, but...

Funny but devastating aside on Bob Wright' new book, The Evolution of God, in that it isn't clear whether or not Bob believes religion is net good, which is a rather important point in summing up religion. That is, if you look at the 10,000 year development of religion, and see both sides of that argument, did you really see anything?:

It reminds me of Brad DeLong's criticim of Skidelisky's 3-part biography of Keynes, which he said was excellent, except for where Skidelsky's writings on post WW2 economics, which basically means it's a fun read about trivialities. Skidelsky took exception, and DeLong was puzzled, because he emphasized he did like the book, but one does not spend a decade writing a 3-volume set that is irrelevant to the main point (here, current economic science).

Every writer likes having their book called a 'good read', and most readers really leave it there, but if it also wrong on its main assertion, or does not really have a point, this is a Pyrrhic victory.

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