Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Inspirational Politicians

I'm always a bit bemused by people who find politicians interesting people, as invariably their remarks are simply a party line, and even the stories and metaphors aren't even their own.  Consider this confession by Charles Wheelen:
My first job out of college was writing speeches for the governor of Maine. Every spring [for graduations], I would offer extraordinary tidbits of wisdom to 22-year-olds—which was quite a feat given that I was 23 at the time.
I just don't see the point in listening to such people.


Ivan Boesky said...

What about blowhard financiers full of themselves?

Anonymous said...

Every year at this time a multitude of self-righteous aging hippies bless the young with their words of wisdom. I have always wondered if they do so with the idea that they are providing a public good.