Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No one washes a rented car

Evacuees came to several Alabama colleges to escape Hurricane Gustav. When told they then had to leave their temporary facility, they trashed them. It also happened at a college in Texas, where an official there noted:

"The entire gym, hallways, the chairs, tables, bathrooms, the snack machines outside...everything that we've been using has to be disinfected, cleaned and wiped down."

This big task will go to a bio-hazard firm out Birmingham at a cost of 25,000 dollars.

Burrow said, "As far as out-of-pocket expenses, Calhoun is not supposed to be out."

Janet Martin with Calhoun Public Relations added, "All the costs, as far as we've been told FEMA will absorb."

Great. The rabble doesn't take care of themselves, and officials, afraid of making offense, just bill FEMA, which is scared of being called incompetent, uncaring, or worse.

This highlights the bottom problem of trying to help those with no assets or income, in that it is unavoidable you encourage dependency and a lack of responsibility. It's kind of like the encouragement of irresponsibility that comes to most college kids, except at least their own parents are paying for their 4-5 year hiatus from real life.

I'd have made them clean it up before they left like you do with children, because they are acting like children. No one's 'too poor' to keep a clean house.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like most of the concern is over disease.