Friday, June 20, 2008

A Modest Proposal

As an American, I don't get soccer. No resonance. It's like watching really slow hockey. But I have noticed there is lots of injury faking. I think they should allow some fighting, like in hockey. That way, after a whiny Italian flops down in fake pain trying to get a call, 15 minutes later someone 'drops the gloves' (need correlate) and pummels him. No more flopping. It would at least bring in more casual fans from North America.


Anonymous said...

I can get used to watching soccer but not the faking and whining, it makes me hate the players. They should give red cards for whining.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see macho tough guys reggie bush or manning taking a hit like these guys. you haven't felt a soccer shoe, esp. the sole, on your leg if you wonder why the rules are like this. anyway, since there are only 3 referees on that size of a field they can't always see each play and always err on the side of safety for the players. countless careers have been ended because of injuries. keep in mind what you saw here is not lower leagues where it's even more rough. anyway watch the netherlands games at this euro, you'll be enchanted. might still catch them in 2 games.