Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Market Doesn't Like Obama

Around 12:23-12:26pm CT, new releases (AP and Brietbart) reported that Hillary Clinton would concede tonight because Barack Obama has clinched the nomination. And the market fell about 0.6% in 9 minutes, 1.3% in an hour (note, from white vertical line). Nothing else was going on at that time.


Anonymous said...

Those investors in the stock market were the only folks surprised by this news, as everyone else has know for weeks and/or months HRC had no path to the nomination.

Guess markets aren't efficient.

Anonymous said...

Proof that Obama will cause the next stock market crash


ClearlyConnected.Org LLC said...

Look at what happened after Obama went up in the polls. The market WILL move up and down reverse to Obama's poll numbers. I've noticed this trend in the last few Presidential elections. But the market particularly hates Soicalists, particularly ones that speak openly about spreading the wealth as Obama has.