Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daniel and Moskowitz on Momentum

A pretty good take on momentum that I hadn't seen (from 2011) here.
Momentum is strong: in US equities, where this investigation is focused, we see an average annualized return difference between the top and bottom momentum deciles of 16.5%/year, and an annualized Sharpe ratio of 0.82 (Post-WWII, through 2008). This strategy's beta over this period was -0.125, and it's correlation with the Fama and French (1992) value factor was strongly negative. ... 
In our 1927-2010 sample, the two worst months for the aforementioned momentum strategy are consecutive: July and August of 1932. Over this short period, the past-loser decile portfolio returned 236%, while the past-winner decile saw a gain of only 30%. In a more recent crash, over the three-month period from March-May of 2009, the past-loser decile rose by 156%, while the decile of past winners portfolio gained only 6.5%.

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