Monday, December 05, 2011

Investing Rule

I was on the Chicago Tribune website, and the top banner ad contained the following picture links to a site promoting penny stocks. The link went to a site with those annoying pop-up ads that are difficult to destroy. I think a good investing rule, or at least guideline, is to not buy stocks promoted at websites with half-naked women. Another might be to avoid investments that present +1000% returns as examples (see here or here), which are often common on these sites. As mentioned, average penny stock returns are pretty dismal, the ultimate lottery stocks.


largecaptrader1 said...

While their not half-naked, hiring hot chicks to lure investors is a tried and true way to build assets. Think I'm joking? Check this out:

Unknown said...

Dammit I saw that ad and put down a million bucks on a penny stock. I didn't even make it to your blog entry.