Friday, December 17, 2010

AEA Meeting Topics

Hundreds of papers are being presented, and more than a few are sure to be very interesting, so keep up to date as the papers get filled in (they post the papers online, so you don't actually have to go). Think of it like a flea market: mainly junk, but some real finds if you look around. Many have straightforward groupings like "Banks, Credit Constraints and International Business Cycles" and "Optimal Fiscal Policy", where there are usally 3 papers that address the issue. Then there's this grouping, the ubiquitous 'other' category:

Five Unrelated but Interesting Papers

Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence

Do Public Subsidies Sell Green Cars? Evidence from the U.S. Cash for Clunkers Program

A History of Violence: The "Culture of Honor" as a Determinant of Homicide in the U.S. South

The Lion's Share: An Experimental Analysis of Polygamy in Northern Nigeria

White Men Can't Jump, But Would You Bet on It?


Dave said...

Re honor killings, The Last Psychiatrist has written a couple of interesting posts on that, including this one.

anggabolang said...

make the paper interesting and up to date is an important thing in a paper.
because it can attract readers, as well as one of five unrelated but interesting Paper that is, "Driving under the Influence (Cellular)", this could be interesting paper, because many people do, so this will attract them to read the paper .