Monday, July 12, 2010

Unintentional Slam

Tyler notes Federal Reserve PhD elitist Kartik Athreya's research on bankruptcy law (he's the guy who writes non-PhDs make econ debates less fruitful). Then, as the 'other side', suggests blogger and non-PhD Megan McArdle. Equivalence implied.

What makes this all so harsh is I'm sure it was unintended. Kind a like when a boss says of a valued employee on her retirement, that she was the 'best secretary he's ever had', when she thought she was an analyst.


Caveat B said...

Tyler has cited McArdle on his blog almost a thousand times more than Athreya. Not sure I am a buyer (and I usually am).

Anonymous said...


I just ran across another paper that links status seeking behavior to asset prices. Thought you might be interested. HT:econjobrumors of all places.

Andy McKenzie said...

Eric, love your blog. But you are wrong here. Tyler is a smart dude, that was definitely intended.