Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween is an awesomely fun holiday. I like it. My kids like it. And young women use it as a temporary insanity defense for acting slutty, much to young men's benefit.

Too bad my kid's elementary school canceled Halloween costumes because the new Somali immigrants find it offensive to their sensibilities.


Anonymous said...

"Too bad my kid's elementary school canceled Halloween costumes because the new Somali immigrants find it offensive to their sensibilities. "

too many guys dressed as pirates perhaps ?

tesla said...

I've read that Minnesota is quite accommodating to Somalis. The same thing happened in Maine, where they now have Somali tribal battles and over strained welfare budgets. Stuff like your kids' canceled Halloween pisses me off. When we go to Muslim countries we have to follow their customs. But when they come here we bend over backwards so as to not "offend" them. If our way of life is so offensive to them they can go back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Comment #1(Anonymous)!

But more seriously ... as a society you (I'm not American, thank goodness!) collectively decide on your society's rules. From where I stand it seems the loudest voices in your debate over integration of immigrants are those which say that you should accomodate the preferences of the newcomers, even if that means collectively changing your lifestyle to do so. Personally I think that's a bit odd since - taken as a whole - living in the USA is obviously attractive to many immigrants in spite of the religious and cultural differences. Since youre newcomers have decided it's already better than their alternatives, why do you need to change your way of doing things to make it even better for them? It seems to me that it would be internally consistent to say, "You are welcome to come to our country. Please recognise that the way we live here is different from what you're used to. Part of deciding to live in the US is to accept that in some ways this society may not accord with your preferences. If you can't accept that, you probably will not be comfortable in the USA. You are still welcome but you should only come if what the USA offers you is good enough that it's worth it to you to endure that discomfort."

Anonymous said...

In American schools, there's always going to be an English teacher who is ulta-sensitive to the feelings of pretty much everyone other than white males. See the movie Heathers for an example of this. The English teacher and Principal in that movie pretty much nails it.

Anonymous said...

The first comment about Pirates is hilarious.

But it's not just Minnesota killing fun. It's banned in a lot of southern schools because the bible thumpers think it's a form of satanic worship. Satanic worship involving little kids dressing up as astronauts, firemen, etc. This year I even had one little kid dressed as Nixon.