Sunday, June 21, 2009

Risk Factors and Sex Appeal

Both relate to human preferences. Our perception of risk is primordial the way sex appeal is. People react to risky assets the way the respond to sexy women, the response is pervasive and predictable (though there are many individual exceptions). You can mathematize it and show how white sclera and smooth skin can be measured mathematically, and how these attributes relate to evolutionarily successful mating strategies, which is why we find them attractive, but this all backs up intuition. The key is, human preferences that exist can be modeled, analyzed at deeper levels. If you mathematize a human preference that generates absurd intuition (e.g., you should find fat, old women attractive), then you can be sure that thinking is on the wrong track.

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Anonymous said...

I find moderately pimply women attractive, I think because it is a proxy for youth or maybe fertility (?)

J said...

Adolescence? Hormonal change?