Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Men are Pigs

From a Harvard study:
For example, it found that men had 15% more followers than women despite there being slightly more females users of Twitter than males.

It also showed that an average man was almost twice as likely to follow another man than a woman, despite the reverse being true on other social networks.

"The sort of content that drives men to look at women on other social networks does not exist on Twitter," said Mr Heil.

"By that I mean pictures, extended articles and biographical information."

Reading between the lines, if you are a woman with something to say, it helps to be attractive and post pics.

No one said life is fair.

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Anonymous said...

No one said life is fair.

True. I don't hear anybody complaining that the fact that women get so much more out of their looks than men do is sexist as hell.