Friday, November 14, 2008

Lesnar in 1

I think Lesnar will destroy Couture in their fight this Saturday, because he has been working on his jujitsu, and plugging that deficiency makes him a really tough fighter. If he wins, the UFC will really get a marketing coup, so I'm sure the fix is in! Lastly, I just can't see how Couture's 45 year old body will handle the 31 year old, much stronger Lesnar.

Tradesports has it 52 to win 100, on Lesnar, so that's pretty much a draw.


Anonymous said...

I love when bloggers make predictions, especially when they go against the conventional wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Is part of the attraction of being a UFC fan that it baffles and annoys your wife?

Eric Falkenstein said...

Well, there is that...but there's a lot of technique, and I used to wrestle