Monday, August 11, 2008

Chin vs. Cheek

Watching this weekend's mixed martial arts fights, that were held in my hometown of Minneapolis Saturday, highlighted a strange fact about human anatomy. Brock Lesnar (see pic) pounded his opponent Heath Herring in the cheek with a straight right hand than knocked his opponent over. But he got up and fought gamely. His face looked a bit like steak tartar, with blood in his cornea that was only obscured because his left eye was totally closed by bruising, but he was still relatively peppy and lasted the whole fight.

In contrast, Cheick Kongo hit Dan Evensen right in the jaw, and as his head twisted from the blow, his knees totally gave out and he fell like he was shot by a sniper (looked great in slo-mo). Evensen looked pretty good after he shook it off (but the fight was over, mercifully). It seems there's something in one's brain that turns off when your brain feels g-forces applies in that direction, a rotation of the head, that is much more sensitive than merely getting pushed backward as when a fist hits one's eye or cheek.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't this an olympic sport?

Anonymous said...

Very little is known as to what causes a knockout. I've read different conflicting clinical studies. A rapid snap of the head seems a reasonable explanation. When I was boxing, the surest way to knockout someone,I was told, is to hit them hard right on the chin.