Friday, August 17, 2012

Seeking Alpha Author in Great Shape

I saw a link to a Wall-Street sex scandal, and it seemed more like a case of a spurned woman than any scandal.

I don't think bed or bathroom behaviors are of relevance to anyone's arguments about finance or anything else, unless we are intimate with them. Further, given most people (including me) think being gay is totally cool, even though the specifics are nothing we want to see pictures of, the details of anyone else's sexual activities are just irrelevant.

Further, even if someone was truly depraved in their private life, people have two selves, a personal and public, and someone can be a horrible father but a great scientist, and vice versa. That is, people aren't a unity, in that Hitler was truly nice to dogs and children, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a genocidal madman (and many mean moms are very charitable).

But if I do make the tabloids someday, I hope I look as good as this guy (53).


Anonymous said...

Come on, there's no way that guy is 53.


Shit I gotta hit the gym more.

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bjk said...

Avoiding greed and fear seems to take a certain moral capacity. Same with the ability to avoid self-deception as a scientist, ie to cut losses if the particular research agenda begins to look like a blind alley. So partially disagree. Godwin's law applies.