Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libertarian Test

It seems the government wants to put some bureaucrat in place of you actually knowing your own DNA! Alas, it isn't obvious that Democrats or Republicans are against this lame political intrusion. Do I have enough official credentials to know my BMI? My height and weight? The formula for the BMI? My IQ?

From GNXP:
In the very near future you may be forced to go through a “professional” to get access to your genetic information. Professionals who will be well paid to “interpret” a complex morass of statistical data which they barely comprehend. Let’s be real here: someone who regularly reads this blog (or Dr. Daniel MacArthur or Misha’s blog) knows much more about genomics than 99% of medical doctors. And yet someone reading this blog does not have the guild certification in the eyes of the government to “appropriately” understand their own genetic information. Someone reading this blog will have to pay, either out of pocket, or through insurance, someone else for access to their own information. Let me repeat: the government and professional guilds which exist to defend the financial interests of their members are proposing that they arbitrate what you can know about your genome.

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