Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kanye Likes Himself

It's actually an ugly watch:
The rap giant's latest self-appreciative purchase is an $180,000 watch emblazoned with his own portrait. The Tiret watch took more than five months to make, and features yellow, black, brown and white diamonds placed to resemble His Kanyeness.

Plus, one nice thing about a really nice watch, is the thought of giving it to your grandkids, and having your picture in it makes that more difficult.


J said...

Usher had one so he too had to have one. Your stock market theory proved.

Unknown said...

Oh, that is awesome! On the watch he looks like a chubby, middle-aged engineer with glasses!

Anonymous said...

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Dalia said...

come on, what's the difference :) the guy is rich, he can build a gold monument for himself if he finds that pleasing, does not matter.

P.S. I love your blog.

Unknown said...

I think 'anonymous' is a spambot.

Anonymous said...

Kanye's pioneering nothing here. He's no different than Frank Sinatra or Elvis in being ostentatious. His music gets high marks from critics and his album is rated as one of the best of the year. There's nothing you can say about him that can't be said about other artists.

Anonymous said...

If I want to know the time, I just look at my phone.