Friday, November 12, 2010

The Liberal Mind in a Nutshell

Joshua Cohen is a well respected academic, but his instincts are hardly distinguishable from the average rube who thinks in Marxist terms. His enmity suggests he does not really consider businessmen as real people responding to incentives, but rather, a class that merely clips bond coupons or live off their trust fund:

BTW, when Oliver Wendell Holmes made that statement (it's been attributed to others, but whatever), the federal government was less than half of what it is now as a percent of GDP. Is there a point at government spending is sufficient? Or is it, as long as one rich non-governmental worker exists, the government should be spending it as the cost of civilization?


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I don't get your point: I think LOTS of people who run businesses work really hard, are creative, and contribute lots of benefit. I also wish they were not so whiny and entitled.