Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Finance Videos

My envy post generated some emails, and I should note I have easy to absorb videos on this subject. Many of the key insights into a series of videos I now keep on my personal website here. They are done in Camtasia, like Khan Academy, and last from 30 to 50 minutes. These videos complement my book, Finding Alpha: The Search for Alpha When Risk and Return Break Down. Then there's my SSRN paper on Risk and Return.

Each includes a downloadable PowerPoint for easy copying into your own work! Indeed, given my book is not exactly on the front table at Barnes and Noble, you probably could get away with presenting these as your own without much fear.

Ch1: Extended Intro--basically, the book in a nutshell

Ch2: Asset Pricing Theory--good replacement reading for MBAs

Ch3: History of Empirical Tests--overview of academic empirical asset pricing tests, rather unique

Ch4: Scope of Empirical Failure--highlights where the theory fails

Ch5: Where Risk Premiums Appear--notes areas where risk premiums exist

Ch6: The Flawed Assumption--outlines the flawed assumption in standard theory

Ch7: My New Theory--outlines my new theory

Ch8: Alpha Examples--examples of alpha in finance, mainly based on practical experience

Ch9: Tactical Recommendations--highlights various implications of my theory


Michael Meyers said...


One simple comment... I loved your videos! It takes awhile to get through them, but it is worth it.

Thanks much,

Eric Falkenstein said...

Thanks Michael. I may not persuade the profession, but if I'm right, I think my ideas are useful.

AHWest said...

I really liked your book, and I think these videos are a great supplement to them.