Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our New Power Elite

As we move into our new era of greater government, there are many signs of the new regime. One is the great deference by risk managers to regulators, turning what was once a promising intellectual field into a subservient rationalization for whatever the regulators appear to want, conventional wisdom on steroids (ie, rigorous and common yet often irrelevant). Another is that rents in DC are approaching those in New York.

But now, we have the new alpha male: übernerd Peter Orszag. This guy probably experienced his share of weggies in junior high, but
as Henry Kissinger noted, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, so it seems Orszag left his earlier wife (all for 'change'), had an out-of-wedlock child with an attractive heiress, and has a future wedding to 31-year-old journalist Bianna Golodryga. I guess lines like 'Mind if I compute the rotation coefficients of that symmetric bilinear pairing?' work, as long as you are minding a $3.5T budget.


benjk said...

He puts the omb in womb!

commercial refinance said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

this touches a cord again and i wanted to ask this question for months now. what do you people with kids teach your offsprings anymore? honesty, integrity, hard work? you can't do these because they will be awfully unprepared for the world that's shaping up. to quote a smart, rich man "it's amazing how people have sold out".

N N said...

Bianna is hot, hot, hot. Missed the days she was on CNBC cause she was the only thing worth watching on that sh*t channel.

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