Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Theory of Relativity, Updated

Watch this video on YouTube...the woman has this funny theory. She starts out asking, you do know what H2O is? You have heard of Einstein. Basically she notes

1) E=mc^2
2) As the diameter of protons, neutrons is about 1E-15 m, while the diameter of the atom is 1E-11. Thus, all the mass in the galaxy would fit into a small ball.
3) Thus, the mass being small, we can ignore it, and so E=c^2.

This plays into her theory that we are all mere energy, which somehow means homeopathy works.

Only using mere words can one can make this mistake.


J said...

Her theory (E= a constant) makes even less sense than the one that maintains that the DNA double helix acts as a magnetic receiver and can be resonated with electric magnet coils, enabling communication between the cell's nucleus and the healer's magnet and the stars.

Anonymous said...

she's is dumb,ok - but she is cute :-)

Anonymous said...

She is not dumb but slightly schizophrenic. BTW I have seen some research that shows that slightly schizophrenic people with very high IQs can cope with the disease because they can process all the distractions in their minds without going off the deep end. I think of that every time I hear Noam Chomsky speak.