Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There's the famous story about a philosophy course where the midterm exam question is simply 'Why?' While many students write for the entire hour, one kid simply writes, 'why not?', and gets an A. If this story is true, it highlights that philosophers are very good at talking nonsense and making it seem profound.

Consider comedian Louis CK's riff on 'Why?', and compare that to Richard Feynman's riff on 'Why?'. Both good, but in different ways.

Louis CK:

Richard Feynman:


DaveinHackensack said...

This is good stuff. Too bad Feyman's not still alive. It would have been great to see him interviewed by Louis C.K.

FYI, I think you can reduce the size of the YouTube videos to make them fit better just by reducing the width & height numbers in the embed code proportionately. If memory serves, I did that on my Blogger blog (it's a little different on Wordpress).

paul said...

feyman is awesome. I highly recommend his lecture series at Yale? just search "microsoft feyman lectures"

very funny post.

Aleina said...

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