Friday, February 20, 2009

Vaclav Klaus Rules!

At a meeting with European Parliament, Czech president Vaclav Klaus made the following observation:
Klaus said that the economic downturns are like a flu: if you don't cure it, it takes 7 days. If you do, it takes a week. He was also surprised that Bastiat's famous fictitious petition from the 19th century - a request by candle producers who wanted to be protected by the government against an unfairly advantaged competitor, the Sun - became real in the EU's decision from November 2008 to add 60% tariffs on Chinese candles.
That is, in contrast to Americans, he understands that doing something is not necessarily better than doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

A public leader with balls...amazing. Maybe I should move to Czech.

Plamen said...

Klaus has also been calling AGW what it should be called for a long time - hat off, a buy this man a drink!